Mann Kee Awaaz pratigya Star Plus Review Drama serial

Mann Kee Awaaz pratigya is Indian popular TV channel Star plus Drama serial.
Love stories happen when two people like each other. In this story, however, two people fall in love who have come together for all the wrong reasons.

A boy who does not understand the meaning of love, but wants to acquire what he desires and a girl who is helpless and can save herself and her family only by giving into his demands. This story is based in a small town of Allahabad, where the smallest thing happening in one’s house is known to everyone. People here, especially women, lead a very careful life. Men openly dominate the house, college and society and nobody complains about it. They have accepted it as a part of life and try to find happiness in the margins.

The Saxena family, however, is different. Though they are traditional, they believe in educating their daughters without any hesitation. Pratigya and Arushi consider themselves lucky to be born into this family. Their father has left no stone unturned to ensure that his daughters have the same education as his son, despite social pressure. They are a close knit family.

Like every girl, Pratigya also goes out with friends, unaware that one of the local goons, Krishna, has developed a liking towards her. Krishna is an unrefined boy who loiters around the town with a couple of his friends, being a nuisance. Krishna has desired Pratigya since he has set eyes on her. His friends also have started considering Pratigya their Bhabhi.

On the other hand, Krishna doesn’t even exist for Pratigya. She is unaware of the trouble Krishna creates for others if they are unkind or extra nice to her. Krishna, however, is convinced that Pratigya's life is his business. His obsession towards her quickly gets noticed and her family decides to get Pratigya married soon and Pratigya also willingly agrees to it.

What will happen when Krishna finds out that Pratigya is marrying someone else?

Pratigya hails from a very small town. Deeply traditional, she believes in standing up for what is right. She has no respect for violence and believes that all problems can be resolved peacefully. She is a beautiful girl who loves helping her mother at home. Pratigya feels very lucky that her family allowed her to complete her education, unlike her other friends. After her schooling, she was sent to Lucknow to complete her graduation only on one condition - that she will return to Allahabad and marry. She returns to Allahabad after completing her graduation and agrees to get engaged to a boy her family has selected for her.

Don’t go by his arrogant, rough-around-the-edges exterior! Deep down, he is a good person. And madly in love with his wife. Krishna considers himself lucky to be born in a family where he has everything. With his father’s support and brother’s encouragement, Krishna didn’t pursue his studies after class five. He doesn’t regret it either, as he feels that he has everything. His mentality towards women is the same as his that of his father and brother. He feels that women are mere objects of pleasure and comfort. He thinks that as long as one gives women food, he can treat them any way he wants. He has never seen his mother or his bhabhi object to it, and expects the same from his wife. He feels that he is romantic and nobody can love the way he does. He feels that if he loved anyone and married her, then she should feel grateful and worship him. He believes that anything he does for Pratigya, be it threatening people and sending her love notes, it is because he loves her.

A professor by profession, Shyamji Saxena is looked up to with a lot of respect. Everybody in town knows him for his principles and righteousness. He is proud of the fact that even though they stay in the small town of Allahabad, he has treated his children equally with no discrimination between his son and daughters. He believes that nothing is greater than education.

Nainaji is an ideal wife and a loving mother. She feels really blessed to be a part of this family. She is a simple housewife who finds pleasure in doing the household chores and is always smiling. She is a perfect daughter-in-law and never objects to her mother-in-law's harsh words.

The eldest in the family and mother of Shyamji, Ammaji is an uneducated woman with worldly wisdom. She thinks it’s important to give out her valuable advice even if nobody wants it. She loves her grandson more than anybody and takes full credit for his upbringing. She has a sharp tongue and is always complaining about something or the other.

The eldest child, Adarsh is a very simple boy. He adores his family and never goes against their will. He works in a bank and is happy that he can contribute to the family and lessen his father's burden. He has taken the responsibility of getting his sister married. He is an introvert and finds it difficult to express his feelings openly. He is very protective about his sisters but always supports them as far as education is concerned. He doesn’t believe in raising his voice or hand. He prefers to be quiet and aloof if something troubles him. Adarsh is an ideal son and a good brother.

The youngest in the family, Aarushi is very romantic. She feels love is a fairy tale and everything is fair in love. She treats Pratigya more like a friend than an older sister.


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